Christmas from Poland by SONIA ALVARO

A few months ago, I decided to study abroad in Poland as an Erasmus student. My English skills were not so good, in On the corner, Ann y Ana helped me to improve my biggest handicap; conversation. During those lessons I not only improved my level of conversation, I also learnt grammar and other important aspects requiered for communicating.

I chose Poland as my Erasmus destination. I´m living in Nysa, a small city close to Checzh Republic.  Life here is really calm and the customs are different to what I knew. During  Winter ´s months, light´s day is over at 4 pm, so people don´t usually go out until too late. For this reason, lunches and dinners are earlier than in Spain.  People prefer meeting in their home, and pubs are for weekends and other occasions.

In Poland, Erasmus lessons are only for Erasmus people, so there aren´t a lot of people in class. Because of this, lessons are really useful for us, and it doesn´t look like a class, because we can talk with our mates and with the teacher if we don´t understand something or if we need something.

Refering to Christmas, there aren´t a lot of differences. In November, all the streets started to shine. As in Spain, but here there is a special tradition, Chritsmas Markets. These markets are meeting points for Polish people. You can get hot wine or hot beer, and buy wool clothes for protecting of the cold. Papa Noel is on 6 December, and his name is St. Nicolas, perhaps he isn´t Papa Noel ,but he looks really similar and he also gives presents for everyone.

This experience is being great and I would like to reccommend it to everyone. Here I’m improving my English and also I’m meeting people from all over the world and making a lot of new friends.

Merry Christmas from Poland!!!!!

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