The Phrase of The Week: Heads Up


June already. It’s crazy, time is flying in. Here in Scotland June means one thing, end of term. We have two and a half weeks left of school, nursery, playgroups and other clubs and they aren’t half packing it all in. I run the local toddlers group, so we are busy planning parties, graduations and summer trips at the same time trying to remember all the dates for non-uniform, fun days, trips and school discos at the primary school too. June is also a big month for my family. My oldest daughter is 6 on the 24th of June (How did that happen? I seem to have blinked and suddenly, my beautiful baby isn’t a baby anymore!) so we are planning a Princess Party and inviting half the country if her list is anything to go by. Nobody warned me of this crazy rush when I became a parent, and a wee heads up would have been really helpful. I am wiped out. Which leads me to our blog piece this week!


Heads Up

A heads up is defined as “A warning that something is going to happen, usually so you can prepare for it” People are full of advice and give you plenty of warning about sleepless nights and other new baby related things, but didn’t mention all the crazy things that come when they start school. This week alone it has been “Health Week” in my daughter’s school, so we need to prepare them for judo, yoga, rugby and loads of other activities including a “shorts and shades” disco. Her after school club had a mermaid theme party, so had to find a costume for that and her maths homework was to bake a cake! That’s only one child! I was hoping the weekend would bring me a little bit of peace, but unfortunately not. We have the dancing show dress rehearsal all day on Sunday. Isn’t Sunday meant to be the day of rest? Apparently not. Which brings us nicely to my next phrase:


“Wiped Out”

Wiped out simply means to be very tired or exhausted. Is it any wonder? I must admit; this week hasn’t been my best. On Monday, I forgot to bring Leila’s swimming bag to her lesson with her and managed to send her to school with the price tag hanging out her new top. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not the worst and despite all this craziness, I wouldn’t change it for the world. But OMG do I need a holiday. (OMG is an acronym for Oh my God, which is a common phrase used to express surprise, excitement or disbelief) So as I’m writing this I’m really jealous of you all in sunny Zaragoza. Tapas and sunshine is exactly what I need, but we still have another 2 weeks of madness to go!

Wish me luck!

Gemma xoxo

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